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10+2 Examination or equivalent.

Course Duration

3 Years

B.Sc – (Bachelor Of Science)

B.Sc Physical Sciences is a rigorous and demanding course. Students spend thirty to thirty five class room hours per week, the same as in any B.Sc Honours course. It is ideal for students who do not wish to confine themselves to specialization in one subject, but want to have an understanding of diverse physical sciences to a level from which they can pursue specialized study for Master’s degrees. Many of the emerging technologies and sciences like the study of nano-materials, cognitive sciences, biophysics, etc. are multidisciplinary in nature, for which the exposure B.Sc. Physical Sciences provides is ideal.

Successful students of B.Sc. Physical Sciences are eligible for admission to Master’s degree programmes in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Computer Science. Many of the brightest students take this route to careers in research and academics. Up to one half of the Computer stream students go on to do a Master’s in Computer Applications. Students of B.Sc. Physical Sciences enjoy a high reputation for employability, with up to one third of graduating students getting direct placements in the recent past.

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