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Professional Course in Desktop Publishing

Professional Course in Desktop Publishing

Objective of the Course:The course has been designed for the participants intending to build their career in desktop publishing.

Learning Outcomes:The students will be able to effectively & efficiently produce formatted text and graphics.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria and prerequisites, if any:Knowledge of Basic Computer Concept

Duration of the Course (in hours): 80 hrs App. Fees (INR): Rs. 5,000/-

S. No Topic Minimum No. of Hours
1. MS paint 10 hrs
2. Photoshop 24 hrs
3. Page maker/ in design 12 hrs
4. Coral draw 24 hrs
5. Project work 10 hrs
Theory / Lecture Hours: 25 hrs
Practical / Tutorial / Lecture Hours: 55 hrs
Total Hours: 100 hrs

Group Code: DTPB

Course Code: R10606

Group Name: Desktop Publishing

Course Name: Certificate Course in Desktop Publishing

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