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A bachelor degree in any discipline from a university recognized by UGC.

Course Duration

2 Year – 4 semester

Lateral Entry Aavailable

Master Of Science in Information Technology( MSc-IT )

The MSc-IT is a rigorous Two-year program designed with the primary goal of imparting a uniquely broad, yet intensive IT education of the highest academy quality. This is achieved through an integrated curriculum the consists of highly diverse set of IT courses, interdisciplinary IT research project, continuous interaction with industry, and personality development courses. The aim of the MSc-IT is to produce leader of IT industry and profession Continuous advances in technology have resulted in an explosion in the range and nature of computer application. Naturally this explosion has led to a phenomenal growth in the demand for software professional. interesting and exciting with the unending use of computer coming to play.

The core subjects like Programming Languages, Data Structure and Algorithms, Operating System, Database Management Systems and Networking ensure that students have a sound footing in the technical fundamentals. It also prepares them for advanced study in area of their interest. Courses like E-commerce, Software Engineering. Accounting and finance, system Analysis and Design and Human Resource Management Provide the necessary business perspective to the IT professional. The electives help the students extends the depth and breadth of their knowledge in areas of individual interest, such as system Programming, TCP/IP and so on.

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